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Book 1

She’s 17. She discovers she has powers. And the only person still alive to teach her about them is an assassin she just met.

Mala joins a secret group of assassins as a post apocalyptic war rages on around her. She learns her powers are unique. Which means everyone has an agenda for her...

Can Mala learn to control her gift? Can she control her heart? Can she control her life when her power draws people like a moth to a flame?


Book 2

Lowe is the perfect super soldier in a post-apocalyptic war. He's quick-witted and willing to do anything. That's why he's assigned to a top secret assassination team.

The only problem? His cover story as a recruiter leads him to stumble across a girl with the most amazing superpowers he's ever seen. He has no choice but to recruit her for real.

And then, his mission and his heart are in danger.

Can Lowe stay focused on his orders? Should he follow orders? As Lowe struggles to answer these questions, he unearths a secret that will change the world forever. And everything hinges on the choice he makes.

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