Hammer Time

Book 1

Danger is my middle name.

Just kidding—it’s Bergljot.

Sigrdrifa Bergljot Jones.

But don’t call me that—I go by Val. My dad is Thor and my dear mother was human ... which makes me a demi, or half-goddess and half-human.

Of course, I got the shaft on the half-goddess part. I’ve got no powers and work in the human world—Home Depot, to be exact.

But, I’m needed back in the godly realms—to break into a supernatural prison to save my best friend. I never thought I’d put ‘get arrested’ on my to-do list … but some dickhead gods need to be dealt with.

And how do you deal with dickhead gods?

By stealing Thor’s hammer and magical goats, making a special Visine drink, and getting the God of Shit on your side … as well as a demi, a concussed guard, and an amazing human.

These dickhead gods won’t know what hit them.

Everyone can just stop—it’s HAMMER TIME!

WARNING: This is a reverse harem romantic prison comedy intended for ages 18+. If you are easily offended by the mockery of ancient deities or potty humor, get off the pot—this one’s not for you.

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