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Author Ann Denton

Welcome! This is the home of the TimeBend series: a set of YA books about a post-apocalyptic world where magic exists and time doesn’t behave.  

Ann Denton - Author of Melt: A TimeBend Novel - Book 1

Fire for fire.  Blood for blood.


A teenage girl must master her powers before she becomes prey in a post-apocalyptic war.


After the apocalypse, the two surviving tribes are locked in a war for the Gottermund River, the only water source untainted by the bomb.


Mala is a medic’s daughter who’d do anything to be normal.  Even break the law.  She believes she’s on the brink of insanity.  She keeps having visions.  She can’t stand to see the injured soldiers her mother treats, their haunted eyes make her hallucinate.  To get rid of the delusions, Mala tries an illegal magic spell.  And then, all hell breaks loose.


An attack by the other tribe becomes a massacre.  Mala’s mother is killed.  And Mala’s hallucinations morph into something new—a power no one has ever seen before.  She’s recruited into a covert group of assassins.  They promise her vengeance.  But Mala’s power draws people like a moth to a flame. And everyone has an agenda…


Mala finds herself caught in a web of war, intrigue, and magic. Will she escape alive?

Illustrated Scenes from Melt

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