Broken Howl

Book 1

As an omega, my job is to be the docile female—smile when they tell me to, do whatever the alphas say, and wait for the moon tide ritual when I’ll finally find my true mates.

Nobody can tell how truly broken I am inside.

When I find my perfect mates—two powerful, possessive alphas and one flirty beta—I decide to do the unspeakable.

Reject them.

Why would they want to be with someone as messed up and jaded as me? Someone who’s been used and spit out more times than I care to count?

But these shifter men? They refuse to let me go.

A twist of fate lands me on Reject Island, only…I’m not alone. I’m being hunted by the very three men I rejected—the men who still set my skin ablaze with every look in my direction.

They’re dangerous, psychotic, and possessive. And they want to see me pay.

Add into the mix a sweet, damaged delta I meet on the island, and I’m up to my elbows in sexy wolf shifters.

But the truth is…

I didn’t only run from my mates to spare them the pain of being with me. There’s someone after me, someone bad, and if he finds me, all of our lives will be forfeit.

Will I learn how to scream to the moon? Or will my howl always remain broken?

This is a standalone reverse harem shifter romance, with alphas, betas, omegas, and deltas. It contains some content readers might find triggering, including sexual assault, abuse, and minor instances of bullying. If you like your men damaged, your females broken, and a romance that will have you biting your lip and clenching your thighs, then this is the book for you.

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