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Book 1

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Ann Denton, comes a dark romance about the battle of wills between a dominant pack leader and a woman whose compliant wolf undermines every dream she's ever had.

In shifter life, what's more important? Your human mind? Or your wolf's?


I discover pretty little Elena helpless in disputed territory.

At first, I want to crack her open, this wide-eyed temptation who derails me. I want to shatter her and those who sent her into tiny pieces. I will not be manipulated or deceived by her false innocence.
That’s what I tell myself. But even as I say it aloud, my obsession grows and the spell she weaves leaves my wolf and I both panting.

But once I realize Elena’s a special type of shifter, the rarest of the rare, and the most precious of them all… I don’t want to crush her. I want to chain and keep her. I want to make her beg for mercy, but not because she’s broken.

Because she’s mine.

I want her desperate and aching for me in ways she’s never been before.

My wolf and I will claim her, mark her, marry her and keep her.

Only one thing’s stopping me.

The entire shifter world wants her too.


When my wolf appears for the first time, I’m so overjoyed that I don’t think, I just run into the forest…and smack into Black Maddox, the leader of my pack. Only…he doesn’t believe that I’m what I say I am. He insists that I’m part of a rival pack and locks me up in his basement.

Black’s twice my age, insanely powerful, and has a streak of darkness running through him a mile wide and an ocean deep.

He’s exactly the type of man that I always swore I’d stay far away from. I should stick with Jonah, the beta I know and trust, the man who’ll give me everything I ask for.

But what if there are things I didn’t know I ever wanted before? Things I don’t know how to ask for?
The shadow Black casts drenches me, his depravity soaking into my skin.

He’s going to destroy me if I don’t escape him.

Author’s Note: This is a dark ménage romance. Please read the author's note at the beginning of this book before you dive in.


Book 2


When Black tries to force a ring onto my finger, I bolt.

I escape the pack leader’s clutches with Jonah, my best friend with benefits…who has become so much more.

But then my body betrays me. My stupid wolf shifter hormones send me spiraling into my first heat only hours after I flee.

Desire blazes through my veins until it’s so wild and fierce that it takes over my reality.

It makes me hallucinate while I’m with Jonah and wish for things 

I don’t want.

Like Black.


Elena was stolen from me.

No one steals from the Lobo pack, and no one ever steals from me.

I’m going to hunt down whoever took her and punish them until they can’t even scream for mercy.

The moon goddess better hide her face because I’m about to show the shifters who stole Elena that my soul can be as dark as my name.


She picked me.

The most perfect woman in the world chose me.

I should be on cloud nine, but instead, I’m terrified.

How the hell am I going to protect her with furious shifters from two different packs hunting us down?

Author’s Note: This is a dark ménage romance. Please read the author's note at the beginning of this book before you dive in.


Book 3


A madman hurt my wolves and tried to take Elena.

There isn't a layer of hell good enough for him. Once I find him,

I'm going to exact justice on every single inch of his skin and soul.

And then I'm going to put my broken pack back together and heal my sweet, wounded little wolf in the most delicious, depraved ways.

I'm going to marry her and make her forget that the world ever held any other monster but me.


After the Lobos are attacked, I feel...adrift.

How do you go on after something like that? Something that rips away an important piece of your soul? My Jonah...he's lost and I'm in agony.

I don't know what to do other than turn to Black and plead for him to become the dark knight I never wanted to need. The one I wanted to hate.

But how can I hate the way fury burns in his eyes so brightly? How can I hate his brutal strength when it feels like salvation?
I was wrong about wanting a gentleman. I need a monster.

Luckily, I know one.

Author’s Note: This is a dark ménage romance. Please read the author's note at the beginning of this book before you dive in.

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