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Magical Murder

Book 1

You’d hate your mom too, if she put a cursing curse on you. Yeah. I can’t curse out loud. Ever.

So when I get accused of murdering a vampire, the best I’ve got is, “Mother duck!”

It gets even bleeping better when I find out my arse of an ex-boyfriend is leading the investigation against me. Have I fantasized about being chained up by a hot dragon shifter? Yeah, but not like this.

I mean, how am I supposed to prove I didn’t kill Georgina the loudmouth buttface?

I'm a wingless fairy without a stinkin' scrap of power in a town full of supernaturals. Who’s gonna believe me?

If I don't want to spend a lifetime in a fudgin' dungeon, I’m gonna have to find the real killer, and fast. Unfortunately, the further I dig, the more motives I find. Georgina didn’t make a lot of friends.

To top it all off, I meet the world’s sexiest vamp. And guess what? I think he did it.

Fate's a freaking beach.

Enchanted Execution

Book 2

I bet my boss is worse than yours.

Does yours make you run laps, clean up monster spit, or stand guard at the world’s most boring City Council event ever?

Yeah. Welcome to the Tres Lunas Police and Investigation Academy. Hooray for me. Why did I join again? Because I’m a wingless part-fairy looking for validation? No. Shut up.

I’m a bad mofo. That’s why I joined.

And that’s why I’m constantly avoiding the chief. He’s a dragon shifter who’s got the hots for me. But I don’t dip my toes in the company pool, no matter how tempting the skinny dipping might be.

Then, there’s this murder. On live TV. At the event I’m guarding.

Really, can my life get any worse?

It can when the murderer is a serial killer …


Supernatural Sleep

Book 3

Want to trade mothers? No?

I’ll throw in a magic amulet. Still no?

Yeah, I don’t blame you.

My mom is coming for the holidays. Which is just bleeping great.

Because I need one more complication in my life right now. My powers are misbehaving, my boyfriend just poisoned my BFF’s boy toy, and there’s the little, tiny, unimportant matter of a killer on the loose who’s hunting fae.

Did I mention mommy dearest is fae? And likes to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong?

This is gonna be the best Halloween ever!

Hexed Hit

Book 4

I’m getting tired of dead bodies showing up every time I turn around.One—ew. And two—I’m so not qualified for this.

I mean, this was supposed to be a magical drug bust. Easy peasy.

But with my plucking luck, I walk right in and stumble over a dead body.

This body belongs to a dealer who was worse than most. She took advantage of mixed breed shifters who were more powerful than they realized; she stole magic and got on the bad side of my favorite dragon.

Bennett’s raging and I need to solve this case before he goes off the deep end.

A rookie against dealers and addicts is not good odds.

But it gets worse.

Because the killer knows how to hex.

Hexing uses magical equations to do the dirty work … and I hate math … well, math and murder.

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