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The Pinnacle Heist Duet

I need tall, dark, and dangerous men.

I can’t get them here, at the magical prep school from hell. I need to get kicked out so I can be sent to reform school.

That’s where all my delicious future recruits are:

The Icefire anarchist with a subarctic glint in his pale blue eyes; the arrogant, talented, and bored billionaire playboy; the tattoo-covered Tock with fingers stickier than honey…

I need to get into the magical academy for delinquents so that I can convince all of them to help me steal something.

But it’s just business. Nothing more. It doesn’t matter how handsome or sarcastic or tempting they are. Because I’d never let anyone steal my heart.

Note: This is a reverse harem series intended for mature audiences only.

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