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Lotto Men

Book 1

When my best friend wins the lottery, I think it will change her life forever. I don’t expect it to change mine.

But Heather’s always been a quirky gal. And once she’s got a hundred fifty mil in hand, she’s determined to make her dream come true.

A harem.

My best friend wants a frickin’ harem. In real life. And she wants me to help her get it.

I’ve always dreamed of being a party planner. And now my dreams are becoming a warped reality.

A private island. Ten guys competing for a spot in Heather’s harem.

And the dates, the food, the coordination?

That’s on me.

Can I help my BFF find her happily ever after?

If the tempting cook, the arrogant pilot, and the goddamned tennis pro stop distracting me … maybe.

Author's Note: This is a reverse harem romance intended for audiences 18+. This is part of a series and does have a small, tiny, 100 foot high cliff hanger.

Lotto Trouble

Book 2

When a helicopter full of men with guns land on our private island, me and my guys do the only logical thing you can do.


Naked and Afraid gets a whole new meaning for me. And it’s not a funny, laugh at the idiots on TV kinda deal. It’s a shivering WTF is happening awful feeling.

The bad guys head straight for Heather and her harem at the pool.

Time to panic. Time to call for—

These gangster jerk offs cut off our phone and internet somehow, so I can’t call for a rescue from some super-hot, suped-up ex-marines.

I’m just gonna have to rescue Heather and her guys the old-fashioned way … kicking ass and taking names.

This should go well.

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