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Biography Answer Sheet


The Lies

  • Single Mother – My parents are married.
  • Walking Back to the Ceremony – The accident was a few days after and my father came to pick me up.
  • Economics – The second minor was English
  • Dropped Out – I got my master’s degree.
  • Hit on Her – My bosses were all quite professional, even if some were annoying.  Annoyingly enough, not a single of those bosses was a woman.
  • South America Twice – It’s on my list but I’ve never been.
  • Six Books – This is my first book.  I have written two songs.  Whether they’ll ever see the light of day, nobody knows.
  • Cat – I like cats but we are a dog family. We have a border collie. He’s neurotic- licks my table legs and fridge and drives me insane!
Author Ann Denton

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