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A Note from Lyon Fox

Hey there 3rd BFF (you know, after JR and Seena):

How’s it hanging? Life good?

The author’s totally given me a couple pixie sticks so I’m feeling chill AF right now. She and I have been chatting about when the next book should come out. Personally, I’d rather avoid it. I can’t believe she’s forcing me to spend time with my mother!

But ultimately, we’ve decided, when that book gets written is up to you. I mean, if all my books hit 100 reviews, then January 1, she’ll start drafting my new adventure. But when the magic happens for me all comes down to you and your magic fingers. (That’s what she said!—couldn’t help myself.) Your reviews trigger Amazon’s magical algorithms. And I’m pretty sure we all just learned math is magic. If you need more proof, just look at my bank account, that gold disappears every month! But you have a rare and wondrous ability to make math work for good instead of evil. You have the power to make my stories appear out of thin air and become visible to other readers with your reviews.

Help a fairy out!

Spread the word, mockingbird! Tell a friend about me. Word of mouth is totes important, too. I mean, you know I’m awesome. I know I’m awesome. We just need other people to see how awesome I am so that you and I can hang out more. M’kay, 3rd BFF? (If you help me out and review books 1, 2, 3, and 4, I might consider kicking Seena out of the number two spot and giving it to you.)

Oh, and if you wanna join the author’s Facebook group and tell her how much you love me, I see those messages, too. I’d totally love that. Plus, I mean, have you seen the pics she posted of the chickie pups? Totes adorable. Inspiration pics go up there. Updates. Secrets. You know. The good stuff. Maybe if you help me harass her, I’ll get books faster!!! It’s Ann Denton’s Reader Group. See ya in there!

All the hearts—


I’m getting tired of dead bodies showing up every time I turn around. One—ew. And two—I’m so not qualified for this.


I mean, this was supposed to be a magical drug bust. Easy peasy.

But with my plucking luck, I walk right in and stumble over a dead body.

This body belongs to a dealer who was worse than most. She took advantage of mixed breed shifters who were more powerful than they realized; she stole magic and got on the bad side of my favorite dragon.

Bennett’s raging and I need to solve this case before he goes off the deep end.

A rookie against dealers and addicts is not good odds.

But it gets worse.

Because the killer knows how to hex.

Hexing uses magical equations to do the dirty work … and I hate math … well, math and murder.

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