Magical Academy for Delinquents – Signed Paperback [LIMITED EDITION]


  • Limited Edition Signed Paperback

No one wants to be sent to Academie Metamorphose, the magical academy for delinquents.

No one but me.

I’ve purposely gotten kicked out of three prestigious academies. It’s taken two and a half years.

Finally, I’m about to get put into their reform program.

And I’m thrilled.

Not about the shit classes at this boarding school. Definitely not about the intense physical regimen.

I’m excited because this academy is the perfect recruiting grounds for what I need: a force, a detonator, and a tock with loose morals and an affinity for breaking the rules.

I need a powerful, heartless crew, because I’m about to pull off the magical heist of the century.

Author’s Note: This is a medium burn reverse harem romance intended for adult audiences.

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