Lotto Men – Signed Paperback [LIMITED EDITION]


  • Limited Edition Signed Paperback

When my best friend wins the lottery, I think it will change her life forever. I don’t expect it to change mine.

But Heather’s always been a quirky gal. And once she’s got a hundred fifty mil in hand, she’s determined to make her dream come true.

A harem.

My best friend wants a frickin’ harem. In real life. And she wants me to help her get it.

I’ve always dreamed of being a party planner. And now my dreams are becoming a warped reality.

A private island. Ten guys competing for a spot in Heather’s harem.

And the dates, the food, the coordination?

That’s on me.

Can I help my BFF find her happily ever after?

If the tempting cook, the arrogant pilot, and the goddamned tennis pro stop distracting me … maybe.

Author’s Note: This is a reverse harem romance intended for audiences 18+. This is part of a series and does have a small, tiny, 100 foot high cliff hanger.

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