Enchanted Execution – Signed Paperback [LIMITED EDITION]


  • Limited Edition Signed Paperback

I bet my boss is worse than yours.

Does yours make you run laps, clean up monster spit, or stand guard at the world’s most boring City Council event ever?

Yeah. Welcome to the Tres Lunas Police and Investigation Academy. Hooray for me. Why did I join again? Because I’m a wingless part-fairy looking for validation? No. Shut up.

I’m a bad mofo. That’s why I joined.

And that’s why I’m constantly avoiding the chief. He’s a dragon shifter who’s got the hots for me. But I don’t dip my toes in the company pool, no matter how tempting the skinny dipping might be.

Then, there’s this murder. On live TV. At the event I’m guarding.

Really, can my life get any worse?

It can when the murderer is a serial killer …


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